Spoken Word:(Spo-kin Werd) Noun or Verb

1. A form of artistic expression where a poem is recited, accompanied by voice inflection, passion, stationary choreography, and sometimes tears

2. The baby that Rap and Poetry had

(according to J from Issa Rae's

Awkward Black Girl)


Spoken Word Performance Artist

I express Spoken Word through Performance. The stage is where I started. The purest expression. You can hear my words as you see me act out my feelings. It gives you the ability to genuinely feel my poem in a way that can not be felt on the page. 

Spoken Word Visual Artist

I express Spoken Word through the Visual Arts. This is very similar to the Music Videos we are all used to. I produce Poetry Videos to create a Visual aspect to my Spoken Word poetry. You can see it before your eyes as you hear me speak it.

Spoken Word Recording Artist

I express Spoken Word through Studio Recording. In the studio, I am able to solidify my poems in time and space, beyond the impermanence of the stage. It gives me the modern ability to add sound effects in a cohesive portable body of work.  

  Trap Beats for Ovaries: A Spoken Word AmeriWomanifesto


Make sure to listen to my poem Red Lobster, which is the first track on the album,

located on the Home page.


CD or Digital?

Like Gucci and Drake,

I got Both.

(And you can have both too, my friend)


Physical Album

Physical Album

Digital Album

Digital Album


Constant gratitude.